Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why do some companies offer free mold inspections????

Why Do Some Companies Offer Free Mold Inspections? Some companies offer free mold inspections because they make money primarily from remediation of any mold problems that are found. However, this puts them in a conflict of interest. If they make money from mold remediation, it is in that companies interest to find mold problems (even if they don't exist) during the free mold inspection. Otherwise, they won't make money.

A 3rd party independent company Like AMT Environmental located in Staten Island should be used who is not connected with any remediation companies. They will be unbiased in the approach of testing for microbial growth (mold). The number one question to ask your testing company before you hire them to conduct the inspection and testing is "if you do find that we have a mold problem do you know a good remediation company?" If the answer is yes then its time to find a different testing company.

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