Friday, June 21, 2013

Mold and the spores in your indoor air quality!

Do you have a new born baby or children? Knowing what your children are breathing is one of the most important choices you could look into. Mold spores can completely render children from social skills at school and out door activities, depression, anxiety, hyper sensitivity, and the list goes on. Making sure your children and yourself are not being plagued with breathing in high amounts of mold spores that are contaminating your indoor air quality should be your first step in evaluating the conditions inside your home. AMT Environmental has been performing inspections for residents at a great rate. We are the number one company for mold testing on Staten island. Call us today and schedule your in home inspection and testing
917-257-3545. We look forward to helping you become knowledgeable about mold and the health problems associated with mold spore inhalation. Just because you can't see visible mold does not take away the fact that mold spores are in your air quality that you and your loved ones are breathing in daily. 917-257-3545 we look forward to helping you know what your breathing in your home.
AMT Environmental 917-257-3545

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