Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mold and your HVAC unit!

Note: The EPA suggests the following: "Do not run the HVAC system if you know or suspect that your home or building is contaminated with mold - it could spread mold throughout the building". Unfortunately, it is thought that most, if not all, heating and air conditioning systems will support mold growth at some point. Stopping the use of an air conditioning system due to suspected mold growth would make most buildings very uncomfortable during hot and humid weather. Should you turn off an air conditioner if a mold problem in the system is found? Ideally, yes. The system should be shut down while cleaning or mold removal is performed. If the water and/or mold damage was caused by sewage or other contaminated water, then call a professional
AMT Environmental has experience testing and coming up with a solution for remediation of buildings damaged by contaminated water.

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