Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Companies that test and remediate mold!

AMT Environmental is offering mold testing and complete in home consultation for anyone who had water damage from super storm sandy. We are offering our services at cost. We are not affiliated with any remediation companies so you can be assured you are getting a true unbiased certified report. If you are using a company that does testing and remediation it is in that companies favor to report findings that are in the favor of that company so they can get the contract for remediation. Don't let these companies pray on the vulnerable in a time of need. I have come across this many times and can honestly say that the victims of super storm sandy are being taken advantage of when it comes to mold remediation and testing. AMT Environmental is dedicated in giving you a unbiased certified report/testing and necessary steps for remediation if needed. Call us today at 917-257-3545

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